Friday, July 31, 2009

You can make this!

This site has been an inspiration for me starting to sew.. My best friend introduced me to the site earlier this year. I started adding products to my wishlist and soon I worked up the courage to purchase my 1st ebook.

Now a few months later..Everytime I get some extra money I buy another pattern. Recently I bought the Euro Patchwork Skirt Pattern.

I have learned so much from youcanmakethis patterns .. I even worked up the courage to take a sewing class so I can expand on my knowledge.

These ebooks are great !! Have you bought those tissue patterns from the store and got frustrated and gave up ? PLEASE ! Don't give up sewing yet !!
Try !

You purchase ebooks that you view on your pc that have CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS and LOTS of pictures. In no time you will be learning to sew !!

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