Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping,Sewing,Housework, Job.. My life..

Yesterday I had the day off so I went into Arkansas to do a bit of shopping..

Bought 2 yds of Fabric at Hobby Lobby,2 Bandana's and a spool of pink thread.. It was hard to walk away with only that much fabric !

Bought a christmas gift for my daughter.. Mrs. Potato Head .. plus diapers to keep her lil bottom covered another day.

Went to Best Buy and bought the newest Tinkerbell DVD ..I'm a big kid at heart too and love Disney Movies.

Stopped at Atwoods since they were having a bag sale.. Everything you could fit inside their reusable shopping bag, you got 20% off of.. I got my hubby some jeans for his birthday. My mom was with me so she filled the rest of the bag up with stuff for the granddaughter's. She accidently blabbed to my husband about the jeans, so I had to give them up and will have to locate something else for his bday.

Then later went to walmart with hubby.. Cat food and trash bags..

Today I'm working 930am-530pm .. Then its home to make dinner (any suggestions?)..

After dinner I hope to start sewing together the two halves of the reversible skirt .. I had some difficulites at times so the skirt took a bit longer to get together than orginally planned. So while its been a bit of challenge, I'm proud of myself for not giving up.

Have ALOT of laundry to do tonite too..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Search of ..Circo Dress 3T or 4T

I bought this dress off ebay last winter for my daughter and 2T was way too big so I put it away for this year.

Pulled it out of the closet yesterday and barely squeezed her into it.

Even hubby who rarely says anything about her clothes, commented about me making her one.. I would love to do that, but I'm not sure how to go about it..
So in the meantime..

Please help me find this Circo Dress in 3T or 4T

*she didn't want her picture taken yesterday morning*

Tomorrow is Fun Day

Tomorrow is my day off !!!

Yeah !!! I sold some stuff on ebay and have a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket.. Then tonite I'm selling my daughter's pack and play for $30.00 so thats a few more $$ to spend !

So tomorrow I head out 1st to run an errand with Hailey..

Then we are going into Fayetteville,Arkansas to do some shopping... Target, walmart,Hobby Lobby.. Maybe Atwoods to pick up hubby some new jeans..

Arkansas is about an hour drive from me here in Oklahoma.. Joplin, Missouri is about the same drive.. and so is driving into Kansas to see my Inlaws :) So I live an hour from 3 state lines so its nothing to drive across the state line for some shopping !

When I get home.. Its my mom's night to keep Hailey so I can spend the rest of the evening working on my reversible skirt ..I'm suppose to testing this pattern in 2T .. I had a rough time getting started on it this morning, but after I figured out what i was doing wrong, it started going together. I got one side of the skirt sewed.. Now to get the other half done tonite.. Then finish putting it together tomorrow.

I'm excited about getting out of the house tomorrow and getting to do a bit of shopping..I hope to pick up some fabric, buy hubby a birthday gift or two, plus do a bit of christmas shopping !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mickey Mouse Skirt

I finished my Mickey Mouse Skirt this morning ! My half manni just doesn't do it justice so I had my daughter model it for me.

She doesn't like hair accessories so her 25th anniversary care bear took the headband modeling job !

I got it listed in my etsy store for sale !

Sewing pattern giveaway

Sewsensible is giving her 2 sewing patterns !!

I've been drooling over her patterns on Youcanmakethis website for sometime now, plus following her blog..

Go here and enter her giveaway

I've entered the giveaway since I can never have enough sewing patterns !

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bobbityboo Custom Skirt Giveaway

Whimsy*couture*Sewing*Tutorials ..

She has a giveaway for a custom skirt from Bobbityboo's Etsy shop..

Head over to this website and enter the giveaway for your chance at a custom skirt !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1st Christmas Project

I'm not finished with my Pink Black Mickey Mouse Skirt yet, but I wanted to annouce my 1st christmas custom I will be making.

I will make this in red & white strips, white bodice with a candy cane appliqued on it. Then matching red pants with white ruffle and maybe applique a candy cane on them also..

This will be a totally new thing for me to make..I've had this pattern for awhile but everytime I say I will make it, I get scared and put it away ! Now its time to tackle it !

It will go in my Etsy Store for sale once finished !

I hope to start my 1st christmas custom by Nov 1st.. After I finish my Mickey Skirt I would like to work some on the blanket I'm making my daughter for christmas.

Friday, October 23, 2009


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I've earned $3.09 this month on bigcrumbs and while that isn't going to make me rich, every bit is nice !

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I started my day out with a visit from Hailey's cognitive social worker.. she brought me tips on how to start teaching my daughter colors and some potty training tips.

Then we headed out to my best friend's house to visit ! My daughter wanted to play with her kid's toys and her daughter being 9yrs old, not everything is appropriate for Hailey. Plus her daughter was in school so its not really fair for her to Hailey to go thru her room.

After visiting with Tonya for an hour, we headed to walmart to pick up some fabric and other stuff.. $64.00 later I'm home..

New Fabrics are uploaded to my photobucket account..

Bought Laundry soap, velcro, marking pencils for sewing, tulle, bandana's (for a sewing project!), my daughter some cute green patent leather boots .. Plus her a barbie to put away for christmas.. Then one pkg of Lunch Meat ..After my coupon it costs me .98¢ .

Hailey is at grandma's house playing with her 23m old cousin Rebekka. The girls love to play together . So I'm home and need to get busy on my Mickey Skirt.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanksgiving/Fall Skirt

I finished my Fall/Thanksgiving skirt last night ! It is listed in my Etsy Store for sale in sz 4. I take custom orders and can make this in sz 2t-4 or to match your child's waist size.

If you would like a different fabric, tell me..I can probably locate almost anything. I had a lady inquire about a skirt with Sesame street fabric and I found her several fabric options.

Tonite I start a Mickey Mouse Skirt with this fabric. I hope to start Christmas Customs by Nov 1st.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Youcanmakethis Free Patterns

There is many more FREE patterns to be found..but these are the newest two that are available for a LIMITED TIME so act quickly !!

Preview of my clothing labels

I used my trial version of Paint Shop Pro X2 and created my clothing label graphic !

It took about an hour to create the final design I would be happy with and it on the ribbon I wanted to use.

I need to print onto iron transfer paper then started putting onto ribbons so I will have actual labels.

Then soon all my future custom clothing/creations will have labels sporting my Etsy Store name !

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mickey Minne Halloween Skirt

Yesterday afternoon I was able to convince (aka bribe) my daughter into modeling my Mickey Minnie Skirt. I wanted at least 2 pictures and I loved this one the best.. I can't force her to stand in any certain pose so I snap a dozen a pictures to get 2 good ones ! This was my favorite pose !

I listed the skirt in my Etsy Store and have offered the tights up for sale also ! This is a one of a kind creation since I was unable to obtain more of these fabric squares.

I have 27 items listed on ebay w/out a single bid.. Its been awful S L O W on ebay for the last few months.. Sales are few and in between.. I hate to take over 50 pieces of clothings to the consignment store where I might come with $10.00 after a month, but even craigslist sales are non existant lately.

I have the next day two days off.. Tomorrow i hope to devout most of the day sewing even though my husband will be home bugging me about being bored. Maybe he will go out and mow or go hang out with one of the nieghbors or something ;)

I wanted to make my own clothing labels for my custom outfits/stuff.. This great tutorial is how I'm going to learn to make labels .. I still have a big spool of white satin ribbon leftover from my wedding 3yrs ago, and have all other other materials, just needed Ink Jet Iron on Transfer paper which I aquired today ! I put on putting my store name -Rowanmayfairs Designs and underneath put my Etsy Store web address.

Sunday my mom will watch Hailey so me and him can go into the city.. Exciting trip to the city for Diapers, 8x10 portrait from Jcpennys, petsmart for a new water dish for our cats..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday night someone took a match to the interior of our truck that was sitting at the end of our driveway.. (about 2 car lenghs from the house).

We didn't know it until yesterday evening when my hubby got home and wondered why the windows of his truck was so dark.
The truck had liability insurance only since its a 92 Chevy and still pretty rough (a work in progress!).. The truck is driveable and only the seats are burnt since the fire smothered itself out. Thats really sad huh? Bright side..the fire smothered itself out and my hubby's NICE car (it has full coverage and financed!) wasn't touched. .If the fire hadn't smothered itself out, then it would of exploded and took the car with it.
Our Police Chief came out and took a report, but thats all he can do..
We live across the street from a lil drivein eatery so we informed them and they came to claim their concession trailer and took it home. I don't blame them a bit ! That makes them extra money in the summer in this area when they take it to various shows.
Just a few blocks from the house, a small camper was burnt up last week.. No one lived in it and no electricity and the F.D. ruled it arson.
We park the Blazer and company truck under the carport next to the house and moved the car on the other side of the carport so its closer to the house. Will be keeping all doors locked in the vehicles. We live in a small town of 300 people so locking our cars and keeping an eye out is a new thing..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mickey Minnie Patchwork Skirt

Finished the skirt tonite and its listed on Etsy !

Fall Consignment Sale

I made $250.40 at the fall consignment sale

Since I took over $1,000 worth of stuff, I'm a tad disappointed but I still made enough to pay for my daughter's christmas gifts and maybe 1-2 things for hubby for christmas.

I got my leftover clothes organized into 3 piles..
Consignment Store

I will be listing my leftover's on Ebay a few everyday.. Be sure to check out my ebay for my stuff !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Youcanmakethis giveaway

I absolutely LOVE LOVE .. Youcanmakethis website. I buy patterns, use it for inspiration and more..

You can go to Etsy it Up blog and enter to win a giveaway at Youcanmakethis website.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where did fall go?

Fall seems to have disappeared and winter came early..

Woke up to a cold 46 degree morning .. Brr.. Had to go out and start the car so me n kid wouldn't have to go anywhere in a ice cold car.

We had plans to go the Tulsa State Fair this weekend and I was so excited about it..but I caught a cold, the weather, finances.. Guess we will just hold off until next year. Hailey is too short to get on any of the rides this year but 1 ride, all others you need to be 36 inches tall. (she is 34)

Oh well.. Tonite i will sell my fair tickets that I'm not going to get to use..

Our local consignment sale was this weekend and its been a disappointment.. Not sure if its the weather, or cause of the economy or cause the State Fair is in the "area" but sales are really LOW .. I've sold 54 items and made $119.00 .. Thats pretty sad since I usually bring in between $200-$300 .. I took 213 items and none of my cute stuff or big stuff has sold.

Tomorrow i have to go pick up my stuff from the consignment sale but will spend the rest of the day finishing my Mickey Minnie Halloween Skirt.

I got the fabric in to start my Fall/Thanksgiving skirt and that will be my next project. I hope to make 2 of these .. 2t/3t and 4 that will be stocked in my Etsy Store.. I will take custom orders but hope to have at least 2 in stock.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Trick or Treat bag

I made this tonite... Halloween Trick or Treat bag.. I hadn't planned on making anymore halloween projects since I still need to finish my Mickey Minnie Mouse Halloween skirt..

I will list it shortly in my Etsy store !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Days...

Yesterday it was a cool fall day so I was inspired to pull out my Halloween Patchwork skirt I made for my Etsy store and let my daughter wear it. Target Halloween Top, Halloween Patchwork Skirt,black warm tights and black boots. I thought she looked adorable !!

I had two vehicle loads of stuff to take to the consignment sale.. My parents truck full of the big things..Highchair,crib mattress,baby gates, etc.. My vehicle had 4 tubs of clothing to fill it up, plus my daughter's carseat (not for sale!). I love my SUV !!

I love fall weather .. Its cool but not too cold.. Perfect weather to break out those fall clothes.. Jeans, long sleeve shirts. Windows open during the day to let in fresh air..and having the heater on low of a night to keep the chill off the air in the house.

I will work on sewing some more on my Mickey Minnie Halloween skirt .. then make a Thanksgiving/Fall skirt..
I will use Moda's Gooble Gooble Charm Squares..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Life in the fast lane...

We didn't get the fair yesterday like I had hoped, best laid plans spoiled by bills.. Oh well, next weekend it will be chilly but we will bundle up and brave the last day of the fair. My husband gets paid and we will be able to afford it for sure !

I did get my Romper/Jumper Finished !
I wanted to get my daughter to model it, but I got it half on her before she ran off refusing to coperate. :( I wish I had the money/room for a full size child dress dummy.

Tomorrow I'm to take my stuff to the local kids consignment sale.. I ran out of hangers so I will have to run to Dollar General to buy a few bundles :( Then tag the big stuff before I leave and hope it doesn't rain before my drop off appt.

I work Wednesday ..

Thursday morning is my daughter's hearing test.. Then that evening is the Preview party for the consignment sale that I will attend with my mom.

Friday & Saturday I work, and Sunday we go to the fair, pick up pictures from Jcpenny and go to Petsmart.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Start of a busy weekend

I finished my sewing classes yesterday ! I will miss classes on Thursday and a solid block of 3 hrs to sew with no interuptions.

I almost finished the patchwork skirt but forgot the elastic and got most of the romper sewn yesterday.

Today is Friday and the start of a busy weekend..

Cut out tags for consignment sale (can be done at work!)
Finish Tie Top Romper

Put Consignment sale clothing on hangers and attached tags
Dig all toys,etc I'm taking to consignment sale out of storage
Finish up custom ordered Halloween patchwork skirt
Clean Hailey's Wagon

State Fair
Pet Store (need better water dish for cats they can't spill when they move it around).

I look forward to Sunday... The fair isn't cheap ! I have advanced tickets which cost $6pc for me and hubby,lil one gets in free. Then food is always expensive so we try not too eat too much inside !

I will take Hailey's Wagon and Backpack Harness so she can walk or ride. I'm not paying $30 to rent a wagon while there when I can take ours. Our wagon sat under the Pecan Tree most of the summer so it needs a good scrubbing !

There is a 40% chance of Rain Sunday.. I hope it holds out !! Our next chance to go to the fair is NEXT sunday which is the last day of the fair. I'm afraid if I go on the last day, most of the vendors/rides/etc will be moving out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Outfit

I finished the jeans for this outfit today and got it listed in my Etsy store!

October 1st

Today is my day off..
I'm spending half the day sewing and laundry.. I got the squares in yesterday so I need to finish the Halloween Patchwork Skirt someone ordered from my Etsy Store.
I guess it will be my sewing project for tonite's sewing class..I really need to work on it !
Need to drop lil one off early at her grandparent's house so i can drop off some stuff at a local consignment store, pick up my tags in a nearby town for the kids consignment sale next week, then head to class.. If time permits i stop by the sewing shop in the town where my sewing classes are held.