Thursday, October 22, 2009


I started my day out with a visit from Hailey's cognitive social worker.. she brought me tips on how to start teaching my daughter colors and some potty training tips.

Then we headed out to my best friend's house to visit ! My daughter wanted to play with her kid's toys and her daughter being 9yrs old, not everything is appropriate for Hailey. Plus her daughter was in school so its not really fair for her to Hailey to go thru her room.

After visiting with Tonya for an hour, we headed to walmart to pick up some fabric and other stuff.. $64.00 later I'm home..

New Fabrics are uploaded to my photobucket account..

Bought Laundry soap, velcro, marking pencils for sewing, tulle, bandana's (for a sewing project!), my daughter some cute green patent leather boots .. Plus her a barbie to put away for christmas.. Then one pkg of Lunch Meat ..After my coupon it costs me .98¢ .

Hailey is at grandma's house playing with her 23m old cousin Rebekka. The girls love to play together . So I'm home and need to get busy on my Mickey Skirt.

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