Friday, October 23, 2009


Did you know that you can get MONEY BACK when you shop on eBay and 400+ online national retailers! That's right! MONEY BACK!!And it's FREE -- doesn't cost you anything! is an affiliate program that allows you to earn cash back rewards for your online shopping -- and they've made an agreement with eBay that allows buyers to earn up to 36% of the sellers' fees EVERY time they make an eBay purchase.

In other words, you'll earn a rebate whenever you shop at eBay -- and at other online places you already shop like (iTunes, Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Circuit City, Avon, Target, BestBuy, CompUSA, Orbitz, Macy's, Office Depot, and many more).

Simply log onto the online merchant through BigCrumbs and all of your purchases will be eligible for the cash back rewards.Click the link below and read about it for yourself. It doesn't cost you anything! All you have to do is sign up, and you'll start earning your REBATES EVERY TIME YOU SHOP.

And if you tell your friends about it, you'll earn even more! BigCrumbs will actually send you cash whenever your friends shop, too -- FOREVER! This is really legitimate -- I would never lead one of our followers astray! But don't just take my word for it -- go to BigCrumbs and read the details for yourself.

Plus, eBay Sellers can advertise their eBay Store for FREE on BigCrumbs, and if you don't have an official Store, you can create a virtual Store on your BigCrumbs page! You also get FREE banner advertising showing a variety of your items, which you can place on your eBay listings, blogs, web pages, etc.

I've earned $3.09 this month on bigcrumbs and while that isn't going to make me rich, every bit is nice !

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  1. You asked how to enlarge the pattern. I just printed it out on an 11 x 17 piece of paper on a Xerox machine and it worked perfect for my 3 yo. I would probably try enlarging it like 104-106% depending on how big the head you are doing is.