Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday night someone took a match to the interior of our truck that was sitting at the end of our driveway.. (about 2 car lenghs from the house).

We didn't know it until yesterday evening when my hubby got home and wondered why the windows of his truck was so dark.
The truck had liability insurance only since its a 92 Chevy and still pretty rough (a work in progress!).. The truck is driveable and only the seats are burnt since the fire smothered itself out. Thats really sad huh? Bright side..the fire smothered itself out and my hubby's NICE car (it has full coverage and financed!) wasn't touched. .If the fire hadn't smothered itself out, then it would of exploded and took the car with it.
Our Police Chief came out and took a report, but thats all he can do..
We live across the street from a lil drivein eatery so we informed them and they came to claim their concession trailer and took it home. I don't blame them a bit ! That makes them extra money in the summer in this area when they take it to various shows.
Just a few blocks from the house, a small camper was burnt up last week.. No one lived in it and no electricity and the F.D. ruled it arson.
We park the Blazer and company truck under the carport next to the house and moved the car on the other side of the carport so its closer to the house. Will be keeping all doors locked in the vehicles. We live in a small town of 300 people so locking our cars and keeping an eye out is a new thing..

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