Friday, October 16, 2009

Mickey Minne Halloween Skirt

Yesterday afternoon I was able to convince (aka bribe) my daughter into modeling my Mickey Minnie Skirt. I wanted at least 2 pictures and I loved this one the best.. I can't force her to stand in any certain pose so I snap a dozen a pictures to get 2 good ones ! This was my favorite pose !

I listed the skirt in my Etsy Store and have offered the tights up for sale also ! This is a one of a kind creation since I was unable to obtain more of these fabric squares.

I have 27 items listed on ebay w/out a single bid.. Its been awful S L O W on ebay for the last few months.. Sales are few and in between.. I hate to take over 50 pieces of clothings to the consignment store where I might come with $10.00 after a month, but even craigslist sales are non existant lately.

I have the next day two days off.. Tomorrow i hope to devout most of the day sewing even though my husband will be home bugging me about being bored. Maybe he will go out and mow or go hang out with one of the nieghbors or something ;)

I wanted to make my own clothing labels for my custom outfits/stuff.. This great tutorial is how I'm going to learn to make labels .. I still have a big spool of white satin ribbon leftover from my wedding 3yrs ago, and have all other other materials, just needed Ink Jet Iron on Transfer paper which I aquired today ! I put on putting my store name -Rowanmayfairs Designs and underneath put my Etsy Store web address.

Sunday my mom will watch Hailey so me and him can go into the city.. Exciting trip to the city for Diapers, 8x10 portrait from Jcpennys, petsmart for a new water dish for our cats..

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