Sunday, January 31, 2010

Newest Blankets, New Orders, New Etsy Store items

I finished this two blankets this week for customers and shipped them out on Thursday.. 

Double Blue Minky Blanket with Chocolate Satin Trim

San Fransico 49er's Blanket

I have a few new pending orders !

Pink Ruffle Satin Minky Lovie

Hot Wheels Toddler Bed Comforter & Pillowcase

Girly Skulls and Pink Minky Blanket

Then I setup a listing for a returning customer for a Elmo Birthday Dress so soon I will have that order too. 

Business is great !!

Hard to believe just a month or two ago I considering closing down my Etsy Store due to no business ! Now business is great !

While waiting on Minky and Fabric to arrive I made the most my snowed in days and made some seat belt strap covers for my Etsy Store.. 

Later today I will have a set of light minky strap covers ready for my store. 

then created this dress for my Etsy Store

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines Day Giveaway

I promised a Valentines Day giveaway if I got 100 fans on my facebook fan page !

Well now I have 114 fans !! WOW !! I'm so happy :) 

Now time for a giveaway.. 

Valentines Ruffle Pants
sz 12m-sz 10

You pick the size !!

How to enter:

Post a comment telling me what size you would like if you win !

1 Bonus Point:
Tell me what your favorite item in my Etsy Store is.

2 Bonus Points:
Follow me on Facebook/Blog and tell me so !

3 Bonus Point:
Purchase something from my store

Giveaway Ends:
Friday Jan 29th at 5pm

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apple A-line Ruffle Dress

I finished up the Apple Dress for my Etsy Store !

Instead of buttons I put in metal snaps and adorned with bows. 

Spring Kids Consignment Sale

2x's a year there is a local kids consignment sale !

March and October of every year.  I have been participating for almost 2yrs now. 

I take my daughter's outgrown clothes & toys to sell to buy her new(er) stuff. 

I earn 70% of what I price the items for.  Its alot more work than dumping off at a consignment store, but I make alot more money too so its worth it.  After the sale I can expect to bring home $200-$300 a sale. 

Its now time to start entering my stuff online into their inventory system for the March sale.  Sure March is not even close, but I get started now so I don't have to wait until the last moment to rush to get things done. 

Would love to do a Just Between Friends sale but they only come into the city and can't afford to drive 2hrs round trip to consign.  Wish someone would buy a franchise locally !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apple A Line Dress

I will be finishing up an A Line Dress in this material in sz 2T tonite or tomorrow.  I've had the fabric for awhile and finally decided it would make a cute toddler dress. 

I've used the same pattern previously and made this spiderweb dress.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valetines Hearts Patchwork Ruffle Slip on Pants

I was home yesterday with my sick daughter and home today with her..  Finally finished these Valentines Ruffle Pants for my Etsy Store. 

Pretty cute !!

I should of made them in 3T so my daughter could of worn them if they didn't sell, but they are ready to go in size 2T.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

John Deere Girly Patchwork Minky Blanket

Feeling creative today on my day off.. I have 3 orders to make, but my minky hasn't arrived yet so I had to work with materials already in my pocession. 

I made this pretty John Deere Patchwork Baby Blanket.. 

I feel as though it needed a ruffle but didn't think about that while I was at walmart earlier today, so I decide to leave the ruffle off. 

This 30x30 blanket is now available in my Esty Store !

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Blanket Orders.

Got an order for a double minky blanket in baby blue with chocolate satin trim last week.  The customer wants her son's name and birthdate embroidered in the corner. 

Then Sunday I got an order for a San Fransico 49er's Minky Blanket with black minky on the back and her nephews name embroidered in the corner. 

I have my local order ready for the Zebra/Minky Ruffle Baby Blanket and just waiting on the customer to get back to me on a time to meet.  She lives in the same state as me, but not in a nearby town.  Due to delays in getting minky in, I made her a cordinating travel wipe case to go with her order for free.  I had intended to get her order out sooner, but my orders of minky kept coming in wrong.  Plus the weather/holidays delayed everything. 

Really excited about all the new blanket orders ! I have 3 blanket orders now, plus a pair of ruffle knit pants.  Just waiting for the minky and fabric to arrive so i can get started !

Hope to find some time to make a pair of Valentines Day Ruffle Pants for my Etsy Store.  Blankets are popular, but I hope to continue to make clothing too. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Orders..

I got two new orders tonite..

Knit Ruffle Pants

Red Swirl Minky,Red Satin,Red Ruffle 30x30 Stroller Blanket

I've ordered most of the fabric and will pickup the remaining supplies this weekend. 

These will also be new additions for my Etsy Store when finished !

Girly Skull and Pink Minky Blanket

I finished this blanket today for a customer and matching wipe case !

Since its 16 degrees outside, I'm staying inside to sew and spend time with my family today.

Girly Skull Contoured Burb Burpie Cloths

Its my day off..I'm feeling creative !

I made burb cloths for my etsy store !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cookie Monster Blanket

I finished this blanket tonite for my customer and posted it on her facebook acct.  The blanket is intended for her daughter and apparently she saw the picture and got excited. 

I will ship it out to her on Thursday on my day off. 

This blanket is now available for custom orders in my Etsy Shop ! I can do other characters/designs also !

Monday, January 4, 2010

Butterfly Applique Chenille & Flannel Quilt


I took a pic of this quilt hanging in hobby lobby and after I get some prices I might make one of my own to go in my store. 

The ladies at hobby lobby couldn't tell me who made the fabric or what it was made of except chenille. 

Beautiful Appliqued Butterflies and Chenille and Flannel Patchwork Quilt Panels with a ruffle around the edge.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Minky Zebra Blanket #2

I had a customer order this in December and due to the weather/holidays I finally got it finished today !

I sent her an email and waiting patiently (and crossing fingers) that she loves it !

As always, these are available in my Etsy Store for sale !

Friday, January 1, 2010

Girly Skulls Pink Minky Dot Baby/Toddler Blanket 30x36

I got paid this week for two more orders thru  my Etsy Store

Girly Skulls and Baby Pink Minky Blanket
Girly Skulls Wipe Case

I'm super excited that I got 2 blanket orders in one week !

I will be using this two fabric combo's to make a simple minky blanket.

I will be picking up the materials tomorrow for both blankets, plus trying to finish up a order I got earlier in December for a blanket.  I will have pictures on Sunday of the finished minky blanket I'm making with the name Kayzee embroidered on it. 

In another month or two I will have to raise my prices on my minky blankets..

I love making these blankets, but need to make some kind of profit !

Minky isn't a cheap fabric at $9-$11 a yd depending on whether you want swirl,dimple dot or smooth.  I can get Pastel Colors cheaper than brighter colors.