Sunday, January 31, 2010

Newest Blankets, New Orders, New Etsy Store items

I finished this two blankets this week for customers and shipped them out on Thursday.. 

Double Blue Minky Blanket with Chocolate Satin Trim

San Fransico 49er's Blanket

I have a few new pending orders !

Pink Ruffle Satin Minky Lovie

Hot Wheels Toddler Bed Comforter & Pillowcase

Girly Skulls and Pink Minky Blanket

Then I setup a listing for a returning customer for a Elmo Birthday Dress so soon I will have that order too. 

Business is great !!

Hard to believe just a month or two ago I considering closing down my Etsy Store due to no business ! Now business is great !

While waiting on Minky and Fabric to arrive I made the most my snowed in days and made some seat belt strap covers for my Etsy Store.. 

Later today I will have a set of light minky strap covers ready for my store. 

then created this dress for my Etsy Store

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