Friday, January 1, 2010

Girly Skulls Pink Minky Dot Baby/Toddler Blanket 30x36

I got paid this week for two more orders thru  my Etsy Store

Girly Skulls and Baby Pink Minky Blanket
Girly Skulls Wipe Case

I'm super excited that I got 2 blanket orders in one week !

I will be using this two fabric combo's to make a simple minky blanket.

I will be picking up the materials tomorrow for both blankets, plus trying to finish up a order I got earlier in December for a blanket.  I will have pictures on Sunday of the finished minky blanket I'm making with the name Kayzee embroidered on it. 

In another month or two I will have to raise my prices on my minky blankets..

I love making these blankets, but need to make some kind of profit !

Minky isn't a cheap fabric at $9-$11 a yd depending on whether you want swirl,dimple dot or smooth.  I can get Pastel Colors cheaper than brighter colors. 

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  1. Those fabrics are gorgeous! I love your blog :D