Monday, January 11, 2010

New Blanket Orders.

Got an order for a double minky blanket in baby blue with chocolate satin trim last week.  The customer wants her son's name and birthdate embroidered in the corner. 

Then Sunday I got an order for a San Fransico 49er's Minky Blanket with black minky on the back and her nephews name embroidered in the corner. 

I have my local order ready for the Zebra/Minky Ruffle Baby Blanket and just waiting on the customer to get back to me on a time to meet.  She lives in the same state as me, but not in a nearby town.  Due to delays in getting minky in, I made her a cordinating travel wipe case to go with her order for free.  I had intended to get her order out sooner, but my orders of minky kept coming in wrong.  Plus the weather/holidays delayed everything. 

Really excited about all the new blanket orders ! I have 3 blanket orders now, plus a pair of ruffle knit pants.  Just waiting for the minky and fabric to arrive so i can get started !

Hope to find some time to make a pair of Valentines Day Ruffle Pants for my Etsy Store.  Blankets are popular, but I hope to continue to make clothing too. 

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