Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Another day at work and another dollar..
I got 1 tier of my Mickey/Minnie Skirt sewed last night .. Didn't get much else done since I had to put away laundry and get my daughter to bed.
This morning I was able to get one leg sewed back up on the jeans I appliqued after much fuss over winding a bobbin with demin thread. Tonite I will finish that up.. I wasn't able to sew one applique on,just iron I'm thinkin of putting glue glitter around the edges of it to help seal it and give it that extra special something.
Tomorrow is my day off.. I hope to spend half the day sewing ! Hailey is usually pretty content to watch tv, let me read books, play with her in between sewing breaks.. Then tomorrow night I have my last sewing class. I am very sad to see my sewing classes end already..I started Aug 28th and have classes on Thursday nights. My daughter stays with my parents on those nights and a couple of times I almost said "FORGET Class" and almost turned around to go get my daughter".. She is in perfectly good hands, but if she cries when I'm leaving then its hard for me to leave her behind. She does well after I leave, but its hard on both of us for a few minutes.
They come to Pryor, Ok 2x's a year for a kids consignment sale. The fall sale this year is Oct 9 &10th. Its almost time for the sale, so today I had to make the decision that i was DONE entering stuff for the sale and order my tags printed. I will pick them up tomorrow while in town for my class. Then either my mom or husband will help me on Saturday to get stuff put on hangers.
The money I make from the fall sale, I will use to pay for christmas. I already have 2 gifts bought and put away for my daughter. Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Pink Seahorse and a Bean Bag chair.
I added my etsy store to my sidebar of my blog ----------------->
Now you can easily access my Etsy Store !

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Halloween Skirt Preview

Since I'm waiting on the squares to come in to finish the patchwork skirt I got paid to make, I'm going to start one more Halloween Skirt..

I bought these nice Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Fabric Squares to make a skirt.
Halloween Projects to finish
Black Spiderweb Tie Top Romper
Halloween Chic or Treat Patchwork Skirt
Cat appliqued Jeans
Mickey Minnie Skirt
Hopefully I can get everything finished here soon and listed in my Etsy Store !

Monday Ramblings

Yesterday I left my daughter with her grandparents so me and hubby could go into the city to pickup pictures from Jcpenny's, do some window shopping and have a belated 3rd wedding anniversary meal.

I always miss my lil one when I go somewhere w/out here, but yet on the other hands it nice to have a child free afternoon occasionally and grandparents have a nice day with her !

Our daughter Hailey Ann
Its hard to believe my lil girl is 2yrs old ..

While out.. I noticed Joann's Fabric and Craft Store across the street from the mall so I asked hubby to take me there. I had heard about this store, but yet never been in one.. I found a 50% coupon in their flyer, and drooled over all the pretty fabrics, found a good deal in their flyer and decided to "splurge" on ME for a change.. I bought a 3pc quilting Set.. Rotary Cutter,Cutting Mat and Ruler for $29.99 . I couldn't use my coupon since it was a sale item, but still a good deal !

I was going to upgrade my cell phone while in town, but the Cingular store in the mall wanted me to give up my old phone or they would charge me an additional $20.00 . I'm sorry but I would rather resell my old phone on ebay and ME get the $$ then give to Cingular to refurb and resell.
Today is another day of work.. I'm working 830am-630pm ..

I got an order for a Custom Halloween Patchwork skirt from my etsy store. I ordered the fabric squares I needed and they should be in this week,but I had enough to get part of it done. Good thing I ask for 2 wks to complete the skirt !

After work I have to ponder something quick, cheap and easy around the house I can whip up for us to eat !

Then get our daughter a bath, then if time permits I hope to work on creating ruffles for the romper I'm making.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Babble..

September has been a horrible month for ebay for me.. I have sold a whopping 2 items.. I almost think that is a all time low.
But today I decided it give a few things a chance before I take them to my local kids consignment sale next month. Gymboree generally isn't a great seller at my local sale, so I generally only take the mart brands (walmart, target, kmart, etc) which do very well. But if I can't sell my gymboree on ebay, I will just have to gamble on trying to sell it at my local sale.
You can find a sale in your area by going here..
So I listed some of Hailey's outgrown Gymboree,Custom Outfits and my maternity jeans on ebay in hopes of earning a few dollars.
Generally whatever I earn on ebay, I turn around and spend on ebay in either more clothing for my daughter or sewing supplies/fabric/craft stuff..

I really need to take the time out from buying my daughter clothes and buy ME some shirts for fall.. I've had most of the same shirts for the last 4yrs and after pregnancy my body size changed even though I only hung onto a few extra pounds (went from 95lbs to 98lbs). Since I wear Juniors clothes, its hard to balance that fine line of how i want to look.. Don't want to look like a teenager, but yet want to look somewhat trendy ! Womens clothes just aren't cut to fit my body shape and make me look like I'm playing dressup.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eden's Bouquet-Giveaway

I went here to enter her $300 Gift Certificate Giveway for her site..
I love her site..her creations are inspirational and I can only dream of one day creating such lovely stuff like her !

Class Sewing Project

Last night I finished my sewing class project..

I made this simple A line button dress with black spiderweb fabric and finished it off with spider buttons. Hopefully in the next day or two I will have time to make a pair of pants to go with it.

This is currently for sale in my Etsy Store

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sewing Patterns Giveaway

I love her sewing patterns !! You can go to her site for a chance to win 3 of her patterns !

Sewing Class

I have been taking a sewing class at a local vocational center on Thursdays from 6pm-9pm..

I started to teach myself to sew CLOTHES earlier this year with the help of my best friend Tonya.. Then decided i have LOTS more to learn so I signed up for a sewing class.

I chose the dress from this pattern to make.. I'm making it in spiderweb fabric and it will have spider web buttons.. Tonite I will finish the dress but putting the buttons on it. I have never did buttons/buttonholes so this will be a new thing for me.

Since my dress will be finished tonite.. I decided to start a new project so I bought this tie top romper pattern off etsy !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1st Day of Fall

Today is Sept 22nd, 2009
Its the 1st day off fall..
Here in Oklahoma it started storming around 4pm and stormed almost all night. .
So today its a rainy cool day with a expected high of 70 degrees..
I had to pull out jeans, socks and tennis shoes for my daughter to wear this morning.
The storm knocked my internet out last night so i called in the problem this morning to the internet co. They will look at it from their end and then come out tomorrow afternoon if I still need them.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I found this blog when searching for sewing tutorials..

Etsy, Giveaways and more !

Productive Weekend

I had Saturday & Sunday off..

So I managed to find some time to make a few new things for my etsy store..

Finished up my patchwork skirt !

Then I found instructions for this skirt on a blog .. Her instructions left my skirt too short for my daughter to wear so I altered the instructions and made another.. But kept the 1st for my etsy store anyways !

The 1st was too short and I almost think this one looks to long.. Maybe I will take an inch off the next skirt and see how it looks.

Friday, September 18, 2009

When it rains it pours

Earlier this week my husband parked his truck under a tree and a small dead limb fell on it and busted out the corner of the windsheild.
You couldn't drive the truck anywhere so we had to pay extra for someone to come out to fix it.
$180.00 for windsheild
Then last night the alternator in my car decided to go out ..
$115.00 for Alernator (hubby will install it!)
Then to top my week off..
I'm 18 days late for my period and the test says NEGATIVE !!! I have irregular cycles but not this far off.. After Trying to Concieve #2 since March 2008 its a bit more a disappointment. I always wanted 2 kids and sometimes it seems that will never happen. I'm 32yrs old and hubby is 36 so I feel our child baring days are getting smaller and smaller. I don't want to be 40 and still TTC#2.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Applique & Patchwork Skirts

I don't have the $$ for an embroidery machine yet so I decided to teach myself to applique. So I googled some instructions and free patterns.

This was my 1st attempt at applique for a Halloween Peasant top I have listed in my etsy store

There is a quilt shop that opened up recently in my "area" and that has a die cut machine..I heard for $30 a yr I can have unlimited access to their machine. They have different patterns, plus can cut quilt squares. I hope to go check this out on Thursday before class. This would be really beneficial to me.. I want to make more patchwork skirts and plus do more applique work.

I ordered Moda's Spooktacular Charm Packs so I can make another Halloween patchwork skirt for my etsy store.

Speaking of Etsy store... I have had 5 sales since I started selling this year.. Its not much, but its a start and it lets me know i must be doing SOMETHING right !!

Rambling On..

I started my sewing class on August 27th.. I could already sew but had alot to learn yet.

This was my class project..

I'm also making it in black spiderweb fabric with spiderweb buttons..that will be finished up soon. I need to learn to do buttons this week !

My husband parked his new "project truck" (92 chevy) under a tree last week and the rain storms knocked a dead tree limb out of the tree onto his windsheild. $185.00 LESSON LEARNED, don't park your vehicle under a tree. The truck can't be driven to a salvage yard to get a cheaper windsheild due to the busted out window so we have to pay EXTRA for someone to come to the house :(