Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Ramblings

Yesterday I left my daughter with her grandparents so me and hubby could go into the city to pickup pictures from Jcpenny's, do some window shopping and have a belated 3rd wedding anniversary meal.

I always miss my lil one when I go somewhere w/out here, but yet on the other hands it nice to have a child free afternoon occasionally and grandparents have a nice day with her !

Our daughter Hailey Ann
Its hard to believe my lil girl is 2yrs old ..

While out.. I noticed Joann's Fabric and Craft Store across the street from the mall so I asked hubby to take me there. I had heard about this store, but yet never been in one.. I found a 50% coupon in their flyer, and drooled over all the pretty fabrics, found a good deal in their flyer and decided to "splurge" on ME for a change.. I bought a 3pc quilting Set.. Rotary Cutter,Cutting Mat and Ruler for $29.99 . I couldn't use my coupon since it was a sale item, but still a good deal !

I was going to upgrade my cell phone while in town, but the Cingular store in the mall wanted me to give up my old phone or they would charge me an additional $20.00 . I'm sorry but I would rather resell my old phone on ebay and ME get the $$ then give to Cingular to refurb and resell.
Today is another day of work.. I'm working 830am-630pm ..

I got an order for a Custom Halloween Patchwork skirt from my etsy store. I ordered the fabric squares I needed and they should be in this week,but I had enough to get part of it done. Good thing I ask for 2 wks to complete the skirt !

After work I have to ponder something quick, cheap and easy around the house I can whip up for us to eat !

Then get our daughter a bath, then if time permits I hope to work on creating ruffles for the romper I'm making.

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  1. Sounds like a great, but busy weekend! I have been thinking about the fabric cutting mat and rotary cutter too! We have a JoAnn's in the next town over, they really do have some great things there.

    I LOVE the adorable photo! What a cute butterfly! Time sure does f