Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Babble..

September has been a horrible month for ebay for me.. I have sold a whopping 2 items.. I almost think that is a all time low.
But today I decided it give a few things a chance before I take them to my local kids consignment sale next month. Gymboree generally isn't a great seller at my local sale, so I generally only take the mart brands (walmart, target, kmart, etc) which do very well. But if I can't sell my gymboree on ebay, I will just have to gamble on trying to sell it at my local sale.
You can find a sale in your area by going here..
So I listed some of Hailey's outgrown Gymboree,Custom Outfits and my maternity jeans on ebay in hopes of earning a few dollars.
Generally whatever I earn on ebay, I turn around and spend on ebay in either more clothing for my daughter or sewing supplies/fabric/craft stuff..

I really need to take the time out from buying my daughter clothes and buy ME some shirts for fall.. I've had most of the same shirts for the last 4yrs and after pregnancy my body size changed even though I only hung onto a few extra pounds (went from 95lbs to 98lbs). Since I wear Juniors clothes, its hard to balance that fine line of how i want to look.. Don't want to look like a teenager, but yet want to look somewhat trendy ! Womens clothes just aren't cut to fit my body shape and make me look like I'm playing dressup.

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