Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Another day at work and another dollar..
I got 1 tier of my Mickey/Minnie Skirt sewed last night .. Didn't get much else done since I had to put away laundry and get my daughter to bed.
This morning I was able to get one leg sewed back up on the jeans I appliqued after much fuss over winding a bobbin with demin thread. Tonite I will finish that up.. I wasn't able to sew one applique on,just iron I'm thinkin of putting glue glitter around the edges of it to help seal it and give it that extra special something.
Tomorrow is my day off.. I hope to spend half the day sewing ! Hailey is usually pretty content to watch tv, let me read books, play with her in between sewing breaks.. Then tomorrow night I have my last sewing class. I am very sad to see my sewing classes end already..I started Aug 28th and have classes on Thursday nights. My daughter stays with my parents on those nights and a couple of times I almost said "FORGET Class" and almost turned around to go get my daughter".. She is in perfectly good hands, but if she cries when I'm leaving then its hard for me to leave her behind. She does well after I leave, but its hard on both of us for a few minutes.
They come to Pryor, Ok 2x's a year for a kids consignment sale. The fall sale this year is Oct 9 &10th. Its almost time for the sale, so today I had to make the decision that i was DONE entering stuff for the sale and order my tags printed. I will pick them up tomorrow while in town for my class. Then either my mom or husband will help me on Saturday to get stuff put on hangers.
The money I make from the fall sale, I will use to pay for christmas. I already have 2 gifts bought and put away for my daughter. Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Pink Seahorse and a Bean Bag chair.
I added my etsy store to my sidebar of my blog ----------------->
Now you can easily access my Etsy Store !

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