Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Applique & Patchwork Skirts

I don't have the $$ for an embroidery machine yet so I decided to teach myself to applique. So I googled some instructions and free patterns.

This was my 1st attempt at applique for a Halloween Peasant top I have listed in my etsy store


There is a quilt shop that opened up recently in my "area" and that has a die cut machine..I heard for $30 a yr I can have unlimited access to their machine. They have different patterns, plus can cut quilt squares. I hope to go check this out on Thursday before class. This would be really beneficial to me.. I want to make more patchwork skirts and plus do more applique work.

I ordered Moda's Spooktacular Charm Packs so I can make another Halloween patchwork skirt for my etsy store.

Speaking of Etsy store... I have had 5 sales since I started selling this year.. Its not much, but its a start and it lets me know i must be doing SOMETHING right !!