Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where did fall go?

Fall seems to have disappeared and winter came early..

Woke up to a cold 46 degree morning .. Brr.. Had to go out and start the car so me n kid wouldn't have to go anywhere in a ice cold car.

We had plans to go the Tulsa State Fair this weekend and I was so excited about it..but I caught a cold, the weather, finances.. Guess we will just hold off until next year. Hailey is too short to get on any of the rides this year but 1 ride, all others you need to be 36 inches tall. (she is 34)

Oh well.. Tonite i will sell my fair tickets that I'm not going to get to use..

Our local consignment sale was this weekend and its been a disappointment.. Not sure if its the weather, or cause of the economy or cause the State Fair is in the "area" but sales are really LOW .. I've sold 54 items and made $119.00 .. Thats pretty sad since I usually bring in between $200-$300 .. I took 213 items and none of my cute stuff or big stuff has sold.

Tomorrow i have to go pick up my stuff from the consignment sale but will spend the rest of the day finishing my Mickey Minnie Halloween Skirt.

I got the fabric in to start my Fall/Thanksgiving skirt and that will be my next project. I hope to make 2 of these .. 2t/3t and 4 that will be stocked in my Etsy Store.. I will take custom orders but hope to have at least 2 in stock.

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