Monday, October 5, 2009

Life in the fast lane...

We didn't get the fair yesterday like I had hoped, best laid plans spoiled by bills.. Oh well, next weekend it will be chilly but we will bundle up and brave the last day of the fair. My husband gets paid and we will be able to afford it for sure !

I did get my Romper/Jumper Finished !
I wanted to get my daughter to model it, but I got it half on her before she ran off refusing to coperate. :( I wish I had the money/room for a full size child dress dummy.

Tomorrow I'm to take my stuff to the local kids consignment sale.. I ran out of hangers so I will have to run to Dollar General to buy a few bundles :( Then tag the big stuff before I leave and hope it doesn't rain before my drop off appt.

I work Wednesday ..

Thursday morning is my daughter's hearing test.. Then that evening is the Preview party for the consignment sale that I will attend with my mom.

Friday & Saturday I work, and Sunday we go to the fair, pick up pictures from Jcpenny and go to Petsmart.

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