Friday, October 2, 2009

Start of a busy weekend

I finished my sewing classes yesterday ! I will miss classes on Thursday and a solid block of 3 hrs to sew with no interuptions.

I almost finished the patchwork skirt but forgot the elastic and got most of the romper sewn yesterday.

Today is Friday and the start of a busy weekend..

Cut out tags for consignment sale (can be done at work!)
Finish Tie Top Romper

Put Consignment sale clothing on hangers and attached tags
Dig all toys,etc I'm taking to consignment sale out of storage
Finish up custom ordered Halloween patchwork skirt
Clean Hailey's Wagon

State Fair
Pet Store (need better water dish for cats they can't spill when they move it around).

I look forward to Sunday... The fair isn't cheap ! I have advanced tickets which cost $6pc for me and hubby,lil one gets in free. Then food is always expensive so we try not too eat too much inside !

I will take Hailey's Wagon and Backpack Harness so she can walk or ride. I'm not paying $30 to rent a wagon while there when I can take ours. Our wagon sat under the Pecan Tree most of the summer so it needs a good scrubbing !

There is a 40% chance of Rain Sunday.. I hope it holds out !! Our next chance to go to the fair is NEXT sunday which is the last day of the fair. I'm afraid if I go on the last day, most of the vendors/rides/etc will be moving out.

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