Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping,Sewing,Housework, Job.. My life..

Yesterday I had the day off so I went into Arkansas to do a bit of shopping..

Bought 2 yds of Fabric at Hobby Lobby,2 Bandana's and a spool of pink thread.. It was hard to walk away with only that much fabric !

Bought a christmas gift for my daughter.. Mrs. Potato Head .. plus diapers to keep her lil bottom covered another day.

Went to Best Buy and bought the newest Tinkerbell DVD ..I'm a big kid at heart too and love Disney Movies.

Stopped at Atwoods since they were having a bag sale.. Everything you could fit inside their reusable shopping bag, you got 20% off of.. I got my hubby some jeans for his birthday. My mom was with me so she filled the rest of the bag up with stuff for the granddaughter's. She accidently blabbed to my husband about the jeans, so I had to give them up and will have to locate something else for his bday.

Then later went to walmart with hubby.. Cat food and trash bags..

Today I'm working 930am-530pm .. Then its home to make dinner (any suggestions?)..

After dinner I hope to start sewing together the two halves of the reversible skirt .. I had some difficulites at times so the skirt took a bit longer to get together than orginally planned. So while its been a bit of challenge, I'm proud of myself for not giving up.

Have ALOT of laundry to do tonite too..

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