Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tomorrow is Fun Day

Tomorrow is my day off !!!

Yeah !!! I sold some stuff on ebay and have a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket.. Then tonite I'm selling my daughter's pack and play for $30.00 so thats a few more $$ to spend !

So tomorrow I head out 1st to run an errand with Hailey..

Then we are going into Fayetteville,Arkansas to do some shopping... Target, walmart,Hobby Lobby.. Maybe Atwoods to pick up hubby some new jeans..

Arkansas is about an hour drive from me here in Oklahoma.. Joplin, Missouri is about the same drive.. and so is driving into Kansas to see my Inlaws :) So I live an hour from 3 state lines so its nothing to drive across the state line for some shopping !

When I get home.. Its my mom's night to keep Hailey so I can spend the rest of the evening working on my reversible skirt ..I'm suppose to testing this pattern in 2T .. I had a rough time getting started on it this morning, but after I figured out what i was doing wrong, it started going together. I got one side of the skirt sewed.. Now to get the other half done tonite.. Then finish putting it together tomorrow.

I'm excited about getting out of the house tomorrow and getting to do a bit of shopping..I hope to pick up some fabric, buy hubby a birthday gift or two, plus do a bit of christmas shopping !

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