Saturday, November 7, 2009

What else wants to go wrong?

What a week !

My daughter started running a fever on Tuesday night..  Gave her some Tynenol and put her to bed.  Woke up the next day with a fever..  Continues to run one off & on every day..  Yesterday I took her into see the dr upon his request..  Ear Infection so they gave her antibotics. 

This morning I decided to reformat my pc and restore it back to factory settings since I have been having some issues with it..  The pc won't reformatt and it no longer useable due to some kind of corruption :(   I'm at work currently so i have pc access here.  Hubby can call HP when he gets home tonite and talk to them. We have a personal case manager since we have been dealing with computer issues for over a year.  This is the 4th time this computer will need to be fixed in less than 1yr's time. 

Hailey's 1st official speech therapy session started on Thursday.. She loves playing games with therapist but refuses to mimick any sounds she tries to get Hailey to make. When she left, she lent us a book of baby signs and I'm suppose to work with Hailey to teach her DRINK, EAT, MORE .. Amazingly they were easy to learn for ME, but my oh so stubborn daughter refuses to even try.  I sign to her, DRINK and she pulls/pushes me toward the refrig or keeps insisting I take her cup..   I signed to ask her MORE TV, but she only picked up the remote and pushed it into my hand.  She doesn't even want to try to sign.  I know its only been 3 days, but how am I suppose to teach her to sign when she doesn't want to try and very set in her ways even at 2yrs old. 

I sold some clothes to someone on ebay..she recieves yesterday and complains if I could package better I could get in a smaller box.  How do I reply? I'm sorry I had no idea you wanted me to CRAM the clothes into a box and will do that next time..  I shipped next day after payment, charged exact shipping, but yet she complains about the box size ?  Its not as though I shipped an outfit in a huge box..  the clothes took up exactly the space of the box. I'm going to take a break from selling on ebay for awhile. . Between buyers dinging my stars for NOT AS DESCRIBED (but yet not contacting about issues) and someone complaining about box size..  I need a break and rethink how to do things..  I'm on the verge of losing my selling privelages due to 5 (FIVE) buyers in 12 months time that dinged me as NOT AS DESCRIBED.  I do the best I can do to describe and willing to work with buyers if they contact me. 

On a slightly better note.. 

Hubby's 37th birthday was this week ..Happy birthday to my loving husband !! Love ya dear !

I have more time to work on my daughter's quilt top since my pc isn't working.. I'm almost done with the quilt top and should be able to finish that tonite.  I will need to research how to bind the quilt and "Hold/sew" the layers together.

Good thing I printed out the sewing pattern for the top I need to start pinning and sewing. 

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