Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy Week

My minky came in last night..So I got the fabric cut out for the blanket and the pillowcase.  Didn't quite have enough minky to make the pillowcase like orginally planned so it now has a zebra stripe down the middle and the stripe will have Darla embroidered on it. 

Ran out to my best friend's house to drop off the material for her to embroidery today.. She sent me a sneak peek photo of the blanket embroidery and it looks TERRIFIC !!!

Hopefully my mom remembers to pick up the satin blanket binding for me today so I can start ruffling the binding tonite to put on the blanket tomorrow. 

The same customer wanted me to make another blanket and pillowcase for christmas. I said it would be a challenge but do it..  I probably should of turned her away, but the extra money sure can help. But unless she pays me today, there is no way I will have time to get it done.

This first set has to be ready buy Friday or Saturday for her to pick up. 

Then I can finish up Hailey's blanket for christmas, and get started on the baby blanket I need to make for the same customer !

Hoping my work pleases her and she will return for future orders !

So I'm busy busy busy..

Hoping last few gifts make it her in time for christmas for my kid and hubby
Finishing Hailey's blanket for christmas
Getting this custom order done
Hailey's speech therapy on Thursday

I have Saturday and Sunday off..  I hope Sunday I can devote to Hailey's blanket. 

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