Saturday, December 12, 2009

Custom Orders for christmas

I  recieved a custom order for a..

Hot Pink Minky Dot & Zebra Blanket
Hot Pink Minky Dot & Zebra Pillowcase
Hot Pink & Minky Dot Ruffle Baby Blanket

The regular blanket and pillowcase are on RUSH once the minky fabric comes in !! No one "close" had the correct shade of Minky so I had to order it via ebay. The seller shipped Priority Mail and hopefully it will be here by Monday. 

The customer needs the blanket and pillowcase before christmas !

My best friend is going to embroidery a name on both for me for a small fee.  Thank you Tonya !  Then I spend the next two days getting the items sewn together. Luckily these will be easy projects so I'm basically waiting on the fabric to arrive. 

These fabric choices are going to make some beautiful projects !

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  1. Oh! Those ARE going to make beautiful projects!